Your Guide to ENC Barbecue

Your Guide to ENC Barbecue

Our little town in eastern North Carolina is at the epicenter of a region known for its barbecue tradition. We’re not shy about reminding you, either — take the dozens of restaurants boasting properly-sauced offerings on the highway into town, for example. If you’re visiting us from out-of-town this summer, we’ve got your back. Here’s your guide to some of the best barbecue our region has to offer, within an hourish drive. This isn’t an exhaustive list, of course, but some of the highlights that are well worth the detour.


Kinston & La Grange

King’s BBQ
405 E New Bern Road, Kinston
2 miles away
Pro tip: Vivian visited the New Bern Road location on the 5th season of A Chef’s Life and ordered a pig in a puppy. You should, too.

Morris Barbecue
891 Morris BBQ Road, Hookerton
13 miles away

Ken’s Grill & NC Barbecue
7645 US 70, La Grange
14 miles away

Big Daddy’s BBQ & Grill
7823 US 70, La Grange
14 miles away

Ms. J’s Grill & BBQ
112 Mitchell Street, La Grange
15 miles away


Skylight Inn BBQ
4618 Lee Street, Ayden
17 miles away

Sam Jones BBQ
715 W Fire Tower Road, Winterville
24 miles away
Pro tip: Vivian made coleslaw with Pitmaster Sam Jones, grandson of Skylight Inn's Pete Jones, on the cabbage episode of Season 4. Sam's expanded his offerings beyond the famous barbecue trays at Skylight just down the road in Winterville.

Parker’s Barbecue
3109 Memorial Drive, Greenville
25 miles away

751 B’s BBQ Road, Greenville
30 miles away
Pro tip: Get there early! B's sells out almost everyday and we make no promises if you're not there by 11:30am. Vivian orders the barbecue chicken.

Abram’s BBQ
3719, 1001 S Memorial Drive, Greenville
28 miles away

Goldsboro, etc.

Grady’s BBQ
3096 Arrington Bridge Road, Dudley
27 miles away

McCalls BBQ & Seafood Restaurant
9230 139, Millers Chapel Road, Goldsboro
22 miles away

Murray’s BBQ & Seafood
413 E New Hope Road, Goldsboro
24 miles away

Bread of Heaven Chicken Ribs & BBQ
200c N Berkeley Boulevard, Goldsboro
24 miles away

Wilbers BBQ
4172 Highway 70 E, Goldsboro
25 miles away

Guy Parker BBQ
319 S George Street, Goldsboro
30 miles away

Adams Roadside BBQ
3451 US 70, Goldsboro
34 miles away

New Bern

Moore’s Old Tyme BBQ, Chicken & Seafood
3621 Doctor MLK Jr. Boulevard, New Bern
35 miles away