One Island Under Tacos T-shirt Fundraiser

One Island Under Tacos T-shirt Fundraiser



Fundraiser for Eduardo’s Taco Stand on Ocracoke ends October 25th.

As the eye of Hurricane Dorian moved past Ocracoke, a barrier island 26 miles off the North Carolina mainland coast, water from the Pamlico Sound rushed into the village rising seven feet in two hours. Floodwaters in the village reached unprecedented levels and damaged most homes and businesses. Nearly a month after Hurricane Dorian, schools and businesses are still closed and many houses are uninhabitable. 

Three feet of storm surge hit Eduardo’s Taco Stand, knocking it off its foundation. Refrigeration and walk-in coolers were ruined and infrastructure around the truck was damaged beyond repair. The food truck is a total loss. Chavez’s home also received 20 inches of flooding. In a phone interview with The New York Times, he said, “I’ll just have to restart everything,” hanging up as he began to cry.  Each t-shirt costs $25 plus shipping. The shirts are on sale until midnight October 25th. All proceeds will be donated directly to Eduardo Chavez for the purpose of rebuilding his business. 

Here’s what Vivian had to say:
“I visited Ocracoke for the first time since I was a kid this summer. I had long heard about Eduardo, his tacos, his generous spirit and his love of the island. Before I even met him I knew both he and his tacos were beloved pieces of what make Ocracoke, Ocracoke. Once I met him it was clear why. To help Eduardo rebuild is to help Ocracoke become whole again.”

Shirts will be printed and shipped after the fundraiser closes on October 25th. Shirts will be shipped starting November 15th.

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