Chef & the Farmer Volunteers at Mary's Kitchen

Ben Knight, Bridget Raper, Sara Smith & Maria Hinson from Chef & the Farmer

Meredith Swindell, Mary Beth Free, and Karen Boyle from Church of the Good Shepherd  

Here's a "full circle of love" story to brighten your day... 

Pictured above are Meredith Swindell, Mary Beth Free, and Karen Boyle from Church of the Good Shepherd in Raleigh. In the wake of a devastating medical diagnosis, Mary Beth's friends feted her with a party where she received many generous gifts. 

Prompted by a FB post by our friend Sara Smith from Chef and the Farmer, seeking donations for Mary's Kitchen after the storm, these women, decided to give the donations to Mary's Kitchen. 

They came to deliver the generous check today, when our Chef and the Farmer friends were working in the Kitchen. #happytears #gratefull #lovealwayswins   

- Mary Hosea • Kinston, NC


The Chef & the Farmer is encouraging our local and extended communities to donate funds to Mary's Kitchen or the food pantry of your choice. Money is an especially effective gift to give because Mary's Kitchen is then able to purchase food from the food bank for 18 cents a pound - far cheaper than what one could normally purchase at a grocery store for donation purposes. 

Cleaning supplies like bleach and bleach spray, dish detergent, paper towels, kitchen towels, ziplock bags and food service/medical gloves are also especially good gifts to the soup kitchen. One can also donate their time. Mary's Kitchen is very appreciative to accept whatever you can donate. Hams and turkeys are particularly welcome at this time of year.


Mary's Kitchen - LaTonya Smith, Director of Mary's Kitchen - St. Mary's Episcopal Church - 800 Rountree, Kinston, NC 28501 - (252) 523 - 6146

Here is a site for online giving (indicate funds allocation to Mary's Kitchen):  https:/

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah & Happy Holidays from all of us at Chef & the Farmer!