A Chef’s Life is a show about people, place, tradition and family told through the lens of food.

Sometimes called a cooking show, other times called a reality series (a description that makes me cringe), for me A Chef’s Life is a deeply personal labor of love intended to improve people’s lives. I hope watching it brings people closer to their food source. I hope it ushers in memories spent around the table or in the kitchen. I hope it inspires us to cook and to look for teachers in unlikely places. And ultimately I hope it teaches us that we are more alike than we are different. I realize that’s a hefty burden for a tv show, but that’s what we’re working toward. And if awards are an indication that we’re at least doing something out of the ordinary, then we’re on track because A Chef’s Life is the only television series ever to win a Peabody, an Emmy, and a James Beard Award. 

Our 5th season begins on PBS in September, and we’re at work on a 6th. Who knows after that.