Handy & Hot is a small-batch, mail order bake shop from my very own ovens here in Kinston, NC.

There has been talk of a brick and mortar shop but for now we live online, pop-up style, around special occasions and holidays.

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Current Release

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It’s s’more than a feeling.

Somehow s’mores are a sweet category all their own. They’re that nostalgic, whimsical, carefree feeling of summer vacation, campfires and messy faces, stacked and melted into a gooey sandwich.

This summer, we've put s’mores on a pedestal — that means a perfect combination of chewy, cinnamon-speckled marshmallowy pillows and shatteringly crisp graham crackers with a deep, almost gingersnap flavor, saddled with the one-and-only Videri dark milk chocolate.

The sum is more than its parts and the parts are pretty darn good. So, let’s toast a s’more to warm nights, clear skies, and sticky fingers.

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Sorry, we’re all sold out!



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I have an allergy, where can I find the ingredients?
Marshmallow: gelatin, sugar, salt, vanilla, corn starch, powdered sugar, corn syrup
Graham Crackers: Flour, Whole Wheat Flour, dark brown sugar, baking soda, salt, butter, honey, milk, vanilla

Are the s’mores kosher, vegan or gluten-free?
No, no & no

What does the kit come with?
12 graham crackers (13 actually… in case one breaks), 6 marshmallows, and 6 mini bars of Videri Dark Milk Chocolate. Plus, a whole lot of happiness.

How many people does it serve?
Technically, you can make 6 s’mores. Whether that serves one person or six, is your choice. We advocate for sharing the love.

Can I include a gift message?
Absolutely. During checkout you’ll have the option to include a short message.

When does it ship?
All orders will ship August 20 and 21st via FedEx 2 Day Mail. During checkout you can specify your ship date if you’d like. P.S. As much as we’d love to hand deliver your package, we haven’t figured that out yet. So, we have to rely on FedEx to do that job for us and, while we have full faith, we are unable to guarantee delivery on time.

Can I change the ship date?
You may choose between August 20th and August 21st.

Can my order be shipped to a P.O. Box?
Shucks, no. Since we ship through FedEx in order to get these nuggets of precious cargo to you in 2 days, they are unable to deliver P.O. Box.

Where do you ship?
Currently we are shipping to the contiguous United States. Sorry to our friends in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the USVIs, Canada, and to all the other amazing countries around the world.



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