What a weekend it was celebrating the premiere of our 5th Season of A Chef's Life in Durham. It's hard to believe we're embarking on our fifth season of a show nobody thought we would ever be able to make - and what a journey it's been! We couldn't have done it without our gracious sponsors and friends who've made this incredible journey possible, or our cast & crew who make our stories come to life in a way that's resonated with so many of you.

And thank you, all of you, for coming to a sold-out screening of "Two-Matoes" at The Carolina Theatre last Sunday. From the delicious brunch from John May and his crew at Piedmont; to the lively conversation with Vivian, director Cynthia Hill and moderator and former editor of Food & Wine, Dana Cowin; to the fantastic rendition of our Avett Brothers theme song by Kidznotes; to the Vine Ripe collaboration with Sierra Nevada; to the tobacco whiskey collaboration with Jefferson's Bourbon; to the hundreds of bottles of Duke's Mayonnaise lining the halls of the 21c Museum Hotel; to the epic dance party that ensued with Love Cannon at the helm; it's safe to say good times were had by all. Especially Vivian.

— The Gorging on Life Team

ACL S5 Premiere-29.jpg

Thank you to these gracious Season 5 Sponsors:

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Highland Precision Ag
Le Creuset
Duke's Mayonnaise
Farm Bureau
Biltmore Wines
Farm Credit
Replacements, LTD
Counter Culture Coffee
Lenoir Committee of 100, Inc.
North Carolina Pork Council
Got to Be NC
North Carolina Sweet Potatoes
North Carolina Peanuts
Kenneth & Kristi Blizzard
Jeff & Linda Turner

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Photos by Baxter Miller