Caesar Corn

Caesar Corn

I love Mexican street corn. Hell, I just love corn. And this Caesar corn is about 30 degrees left of any street corn you’ve had. If you’re not someone who breaks out the blender to make salad dressing, please use your favorite store-bought brand and add the juice of a lemon to brighten it up. But if you want to make your own, try Julia’s Caesar by Julia Turshen. It’s simple and perfect.

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Ingredients & Recipe

4 ears sweet corn
1/3 cup Caesar dressing
Zest and juice of 1 lemon
1/3 cup Parmiganno Reggiano, grated on a microplane
Black Pepper

Grill or blanch your ears of corn. While they’re still warm, toss the ears with the Caesar dressing making sure some dressing sees every corn cranny on every ear. Use more dressing if you want, because this is America and we like sauce. Then roll those saucy ears in the grated Parm. If you don’t think that’s enough cheese, grate more and roll again…cause Merica! Top with the lemon zest and black pepper. You can add more of that too, but you probably won’t.

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Recipe and Introduction by Vivian Howard. Photos by Baxter Miller.