Introducing Dear Vivian

Introducing Dear Vivian

Since A Chef’s Life premiered in 2013, Vivian has received a surprising amount of fan mail. From cherished family recipes, to handmade scarves, pickles and soaps to community cookbooks, Vivian’s fans have thought of just about everything to send her.

Early on, things were so hectic with the popularity of the show and restaurant, Vivian didn’t get a chance to thank every sender individually. But this year, she’s started something new on her instagram channel every Thursday where she celebrates these gifts and letters. So if you have a burning question, a profession of love, or perhaps even a gift, we encourage you to send it to her. You might just appear on her Thursday stories.

Please direct all mail to :
Chef & the Farmer
Attn: Dear Vivian
120 W Gordon Street
Kinston, NC 28501