Introducing Just the Tips Tuesdays

Introducing Just the Tips Tuesdays

If you’re already following Vivian on Instagram, you’ve probably already noticed the cheeky new Tuesday series she’s been dropping like hushpuppies in hot grease on Instagram Stories. Every Tuesday, she’s vowed to offer, not a full recipe, but a tip — JUST a tip — for the kitchen. Thus far, she’s showed us how she roasts broccoli stems, how to properly bake a potato, how to clean those pesky spice grinders and blow our minds al at once, plus what a stock should really look like.

We’ll be recapping her tips each month right here on the blog, but tune into #JustTheTipsTuesdays on Instagram to find out what genius morsels she’s dropping each week.


If you’re not using the whole broccoli, you’re doing it wrong.

The stems are the good stuff!


Are you roasting your baked potatoes in aluminum foil?

Vivian explains why you shouldn't.


Ever wonder how to get those pesky spice grinders clean?

The answer lies in your bag of rice, which also doubles as a flavorful breader.


Not all stocks are created equal.

The good ones are gelatinous.