Southern Living's Best Of Awards

Southern Living's Best Of Awards

We’re pleased and honored to share that Southern Living has recognized Vivian and Chef & the Farmer in their “Best Of” Awards this year.

Vivian was recognized as the South’s Best Chef, while Chef & the Farmer was recognized as one of the Best Restaurants in the South and the Best Restaurant in North Carolina.

On her instagram page today, Vivian said,

“For someone raised by women who referenced "Southern Living" magazine nearly as much as the Bible, this honor is tremendous. Many thanks to all the readers who checked my box. I don't deserve it, but I'll take it. And congrats to our team at Chef and the Farmer for making our "little restaurant that could" one of the best in the South according to those same readers. 

P.S. Sheri Castle wrote the story about me and she's the absolute BEST!”